Dear Future Me

At the beginning of this year a friend told me about a site called Future Me which allows you to write a letter to your future self, the site will then email the letter to you on a pre-selected date of your choosing.

I thought it was an amazing concept, but part of me did wonder what advice my past self would have to offer me. Without knowing exactly where my future self would be or what frame of mind my future self would be in, how could I know what to say that would be relevant. Now if it were the other way around? If given the ability to visit the past, I’m sure ‘future me’ would be able to offer present and past me untold insights. With the gift of hindsight ‘future me’ could share which decisions I’m about to make would be the ‘right’ one.

Even with that thought swirling through my mind, I figured what I had to say even if irrelevant would still help me to realise how far I’d come. So I wrote myself some letters and sent them off into the ether.

Today, my first letter arrived. Now I’m not ashamed to admit my memory isn’t the best so imagine my pleasant surprise when I realised that past me, in a moment of inspiration decided to send me a letter on the day that was supposed to be the official end of lock down in the UK. (Ha!)

But the thing that struck me the most is that despite my past self not really knowing what was coming in my future what I had to say still very much resonated.

And now i’d like to share with you what that letter contained:

Dear Future Me,

Today’s the day that the UK is supposed to open back up again! I really do hope that’s the case and you’re out doing something fun with people who you care about and who care about you.

This past year has been one of the most difficult of your life (probably of everyone’s) but all the stillness has given you the perspective you needed and the time to reflect and realise what you want next.

So I want to remind you that you’ve waited long enough and made enough excuses (presuming you haven’t done anything about this already) you need to get out there and grab those things you want, without fear, overthinking or apology! Open yourself up to the emotions and let yourself not only feel them but express them, as then you will truly live and experience all the world has to offer you. Learn to accept that if something isn’t right for you, holding back is not going to change that and being honest about your feelings will mean you’ll find out sooner rather than later.

A year and a half has flown by and you know times is short so from now on I want you to truly live, grab the things you want, let go and move on from the things you don’t and learn to see more of the good in people and not focus on the trivial irritants.

You are a wonderful person with a lot to offer and you need to remember to believe that! Whatever happens you are truly blessed.

Love Always

I can’t adequately express how receiving this letter made me feel but it was exactly what I needed to receive today of all days.

Have you ever written a letter to your future self? What would you want your future self to know? Why don’t you get writing and give ‘future you’ a wonderful surprise.


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3 thoughts on “Dear Future Me

  1. Oh wow, this seems like a great thing to try indeed. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of writing to my future self, but actually receiving a letter/e-mail from my past self sounds super cool. Will definitely check Future Me out. Thanks for sharing, and nice letter to yourself!

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    1. Crazy at it sounds it was such a lovely surprise and actually made me feel quite emotional like realising someone really has your back (even though it’s yourself haha)


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