Legs Wide Shut Part Deux

Happy Day after Valentines Day!!

So I know, I know…

It’s been an unforgivably long time…

I have no adequate excuse and I don’t want to belittle you by trying to offer you one.

All I can say is that I am incredibly sorry to have neglected you for so long.

I guess quite a bit has happened since we last spoke but some of my highlights are:

I finally turned 30 (this wasn’t the soul crushing experience I expected it to be). In fact life since turning 30 has been more invigorating than I could’ve imagined.

I (mostly) completed my 30 before 30 list (As I previously promised I’ll be sharing some of my experiences in subsequent posts).

And I even ombré-d my hair.

I also became the proud author of an erotic e-book.

So to make up for my unintended silent treatment, and as a post valentines day treat to you all I’ve written today’s erotic short story especially for you.

So here goes…

*Disclaimer – If you are of a sensitive disposition and/or easily offended by sex then I advise you to stop reading now*


She approached the apartment block with no small amount of trepidation. Although she’d wanted to do this for as long as she could remember she couldn’t help the butterflies fluttering in her stomach. 

A giggle to her right distracted her from focusing on the nervous sensations dancing in time with her erratic heartbeat. She glanced over and was confronted by an amazonian woman, a devilish smirk alighting her cute features and smooth gleaming ebony skin. The Amazon was accompanied by an undersized, pasty man sporting shockingly bright blonde hair. She preferred not to indulge in overly judgemental thoughts however she couldn’t help but muse that they appeared to be an oddly matched couple. 

She rode up in the lift with her two new companions chatting away amiably. The lift dinged, as the doors slid open. Following her new companions to the glossy white door, she took one final deep breath to steel her nerves, while The Amazon rapped her knuckles against the wood.

The door creaked open to reveal a towering jolly man with dreadlocks sporting a radiant smile. He welcomed the trio to the party and after taking their names, advised them to put on their face masks. The Doorman gestured for them to walk straight ahead. However her curiosity got the better of her and she glanced through the two doorways to her left and got her first glimpse of the evenings activities.

Entering the lounge area she noticed small groups of people were scattered around and she began to feel her heartbeat quicken. ‘What was she doing here?’ Could she actually go through with this. Before she could turn tail, a figure in black handed her a champagne glass and she took a quick sip before she could change her mind. 

She noticed a lone girl with green eyes sitting on the sofa and figuring this was the safest option she approached her. Before too long a gentleman joined their party and introduced himself with a deep french accent. The French Gentleman asked if she would like to join him on the balcony, to which she obliged. 

Stepping out into the cool crisp night she remarked on the stunning view of the city lights glinting on the river that wound it’s way past the apartment. The tall glass buildings in the distance glimmered giving the effect of a dreamy magical night and she shivered as the cool breeze kissed her heated skin.

The French Gentleman noticing her shiver ushered her back inside, and the apartment enveloped her in it’s warm embrace. Noticing her friend was now alone she sat next to The Amazon and asked for guidance as she still felt, somewhat out of her depth. The Amazon’s eyes crinkled in kindness and they approached a group of men chatting together merrily. 

Her eyes alighted first on a tall thickset man with curly hair, she was surprised by her eagerness to run her fingers through his enticing ringlets. He introduced himself and she internally remarked that his well spoken accent sent an arousing quiver to her core. Then his companion introduced himself in a playful Spanish accent and she immediately warmed to him.

They chatted for a little while longer, then to her dismay she noticed The Curly Haired man disappear from the living room with a Sex Kitten. Her interest peaked, she excused herself from her Spanish friend to explore the rest of the apartment. 

Turning left she stumbled into a seemingly empty bedroom. She was pleasantly surprised when a tall muscular man with deep dimples entered the room. Words escaped her, as if an invisible magnet drew her to him she felt her feet moving her closer and closer. They uttered a few unconvincing pleasantries and before she knew it, she was pressed against his torso as their tongues intertwined. 

A shockingly short time later he had her laid out on the bed and as he parted her thighs and lowered his hungry mouth to her wet glistening lips a thrill of anticipation ran through her. His tongue connected with her hot wet heat causing her body to spasm. He anchored her to the bed with his forearm and continued his assault on her sensitive flesh. He repeatedly traced the soft spot with his tongue. Sparks of electricity shot to her core and she felt her insides melt. 

She complained when he ceased his teasing, instead choosing to inch his way up her body. Pressing her into the mattress he pushed his way inside of her and she cried out as his considerable girth filled her tight space. At first moving slowly, he increased his rhythm until he was moving faster and faster. Her loud moans drew an audience, as she glanced up to realise the door was wide open. She accidentally locked eyes with a pair of curious green ones.

Noticing that her attention was elsewhere Dimples turned to look behind him. Wanting her focus solely on him he flipped her round so she was on all fours and slid back into her as if they were never interrupted. She could feel his hot breath on her neck and hear his low grunts in her ear. Nearly all of her senses aroused she almost reached sensory overload when she felt a soft hand stroking her leg.

In her near orgasmic haze she was confused as she could feel both of Dimples’ hands kneading her breasts. The extra hand continued to massage her thigh and Dimples continued his onslaught of rhythmic thrusts until he exploded into her. They collapsed onto the bed and she rolled over to meet a pair of green eyes, realising belatedly this was the owner of the mysterious third hand.

Needing a break she retreated back to the lounge area and struck up a conversation with a group of friendly and attractive women. Sipping more champagne she marvelled at how fascinating life could be.


After a little while her curiosity got the better of her so she decided to take a stroll. As she entered the larger bedroom she noticed that it was far more active than the smaller room. Bodies were strewn all over the bed and there was a massage table in the corner, she headed towards it, however her trajectory was interrupted by a hand on her wrist, pulling her into the hidden en suite. She looked up at her assailant and to her delighted surprise Dimples was beaming down at her.

He didn’t waste anytime before grasping her behind and heaving her up onto the window ledge. Excitement at what was about to happen made her slick and he slid into her with ease. He tortured her by moving in and out of her tormentingly slowly, she was astonished by his self control, when he surprised her by hoisting her from the window sill staying connected in the most delicious way and lowered himself down to the toilet lid. She enjoyed the control of being on top and writhed, grinding her hips into his with unbridled enthusiasm. His patience waned and he hoisted her into the air once again only to place her on the floor, the cold marble tiles cooling her hot damp skin. The rhythm of his thrusts became more insistent, and his hard thick flesh stroked her sensitive spot over and over.

She heard a loud scream of ecstasy and was surprised when she realised that it came from her. Dimples growled as his own release came soon after. Giggling like errant teenagers they got up from the bathroom floor and made their way to the now packed bedroom. As she stepped through the entry way her path was blocked by three bodies tangled in a sensual ménage, guttural moans emanating from the three headed beast.

She was distracted for a moment as she felt a flicker of arousal curl within her. Immediately she spotted the massage table and flung herself upon it, throwing a seductive wink at her bathroom partner. A smirk of desire lit his features and he followed her to the massage table, she lay back and teasingly, aggravatingly slowly, invitingly parted her legs.

He readily accepted her silent invitation…


Considering the near gymnastic activities she had partaken in, she was amazed she wasn’t feeling more tired. She put her lack of lethargy down to sheer sexual stimulation. Following a brief  respite she sauntered back into the bedroom and to her utter delight, she spied, with her seductive eyes, the Curly Haired man. Alone. 

She sidled up to him and without waiting for an invitation pressed her soft plump lips to his. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer, then parted her lips with his. Tongue investigating her eager mouth with soft teasing licks. Twisting her around, they fell inelegantly to the bed and he moved downwards with electrifying eagerness.

As his tongue connected with her swollen flesh she moaned into the air. Probing her with his tongue, his fingers followed suit invading and stretching her innermost walls. She reached down and ran her fingers through his errant curls before gripping his head to pull him closer, encouraging him to explore more deeply…

He teased her until she was on the edge of losing control, her legs shook at the intensity and before she was able to fall into the abyss he tore his tongue away from her and scaling her body plunged his tongue into her mouth. She could taste herself on his tongue and it made her kiss him more deeply. He claimed her mouth with his at the same time he claimed her in an altogether more primal way.

She became conscious of the fact they now had an audience her previous wantonness seeming to diminish slightly. Noticing her unease he slowed his pace staring into her face for a signal. She pushed up and grabbed his hand to drag him into the empty bathroom. Not wanting to waste another second their bodies collided together like tectonic plates before an earthquake. Before she knew what was happening he’d heaved her diminutive frame into his arms, pressing her against the wall and slammed into her in his haste. Her moaning grew louder and louder, his thrusts moved deeper and deeper. Just as she felt the first stirrings of her orgasm they were interrupted by a knock on the door…

The Jolly Doorman peered around the door and asked them to vacate as one of the other patrons needed to use the facilities. Groaning at the intrusion the apartment suddenly felt too small. They scoured the second bedroom but found no available space to finish their previous activities. Suddenly a light bulb went off in her brain and grabbing his hand she pulled him into the mostly empty living room.

She pushed him onto the sofa and straddled his muscular thighs. Once again she ran her fingers through his curls pulling his head back and kissing him deeply, riding him until they both shuddered in climax…


As she headed home the great big white moon shone down on her as if she were onstage and it was her spotlight. She marvelled once again at how fascinating life could be…


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