Disney was right!

So… do you remember I told you that when I was younger I wanted to be a pop star in my #OscarsSoWhat? post?!  Last night I got to live my dream…for 3 minutes at least.

To give you some, presumably, much needed context I’ll have to take you back to the events that transpired two weeks ago.

Following months of rumours flying round the office and being drip fed trickles of information on the grapevine we were finally told that the official announcement would be coming on Thursday!

My team and I arrived bright and early that fateful Thursday morning. We were nervous as hell and filling the uncomfortable silence with awkward banter as we anticipated the worst…

And at approximately 10 am the worst finally came!

I was told that my new(ish) role which I thoroughly enjoyed (for the most part, work is still work after all) was being discontinued.

Even though we’d all suspected for a while there’d be changes I can’t adequately describe the anguish I felt on that day after being told exactly what the changes were to comprise of and how it affected me personally. Needless to say it wasn’t my most joyful moment and I was surprised at how upset I became following the news.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and a few job applications later, I had my first (and hopefully my last) interview yesterday. It was the most intense interview I have ever experienced during my career to date. It comprised of four separate elements and they were also interviewing another candidate at the same time, alternating us so there was a quite a bit of down time which did nothing to pacify my rapidly fraying nerves.

Four hours later the interview was over and to say I exhaled a sigh of relief is an understatement. I also desperately needed a liquid intoxicant. (No I do not have a drinking problem before you get any ideas, it was a highly stressful situation.)

We’d been invited to a colleagues leaving do which was being held at an old regular of ours Grace bar in Piccadilly. The DJ was spinning some oldies but goodies and we were all dancing so hard we were in danger of breaking the floor!!!

Some time later and following quite a bit of Prosecco I decided it was time for some Michael Jackson (it’s ALWAYS time for Jacko). I found myself on the teeny stage next to the DJ booth requesting a few tunes. At first he was somewhat hesitant as apparently my choices did not fit the current beat. However we fast became firm friends once he realised there was no alternative but to bow to my exemplary taste and he played, not one, not two but three, no wait…four of my requests. By the time he played my fifth selection I made the executive decision that I may as well be DJ-ing myself so I threw myself on stage but settled for dancing as opposed to spinning, seeing as I have absolutely no working knowledge of how to mix and/or cut tracks.

On rotation with the DJ were 3 songstresses who were flexing their vocal chords to classics such as Lady Marmalade and Survivor, I was nothing short of inspired.

When my new best friend Mr DJ was back spinning his magic he played one of my favorite teenage crush songs. The manager of the live singers then came up to join me in my new temporary home. I’m not sure where I plucked the courage from but I cheekily asked if I could sing. To my surprise without even a modicum of hesitation he handed me the mic and I blasted out Toxic as if my life depended on it. I couldn’t hear myself I could only feel the music…I channeled my inner Beyoncé, no I channeled  my inner Sasha Fierce…(actually it would be more appropriate to say that I channeled my inner Britney but I either way I made that bitch weeeerrrrrkkk!!).

Although I had no idea whether I was hitting the right notes (the screams from my adoring fans were too loud for me to be able to hear my self, yeah right) however all the smiles aimed in my direction were validation enough. I cannot describe to you the euphoria I experienced in that moment. I felt as if I was born to perform and I can honestly say it did feel as though I’d fulfilled a lifelong dream, even if only for a brief period of time.

Once the song was over I felt as though I would never again come down from my exquisite high. The manager did ask if I wanted to sing again, but alas as another Disney dreamer who attended a ball discovered, unfortunately sometimes life sets us time limits, I soon had to leave to head to another work function.

Regrettably I didn’t have a precious glass slipper to delicately discard upon a staircase for the handsome prince to unwittingly discover, but I did leave my business card with the DJ to pass on to the manager. I’m not sure that anything will come of it but I’ll keep you all posted.

So I’ll leave you with a frequently uttered platitude ‘fortune favours the bold’ or in my own words, it’s absolutely fine to be cheeky because if you don’t ask, you don’t get and who knows what amazing experiences you could have been having  had you only  been brave enough to ask.

Or as Mr Disney himself said “All our Dreams can come true, if we only have the courage to pursue them.”

*I apologise for the excessive usage of banal phrases, however you have to admit there is truth to them!

**For a cheeky peek of me in all my (slightly embarrassing) glory, check out my instagram!





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